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Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl just launched a FREE 8 part mini e-course on creating action out of inspiration – moving you past procrastination & into accomplishment.

In Tara’s words:

One of the greatest problems that face creative individuals is being overwhelmed with ideas while lacking focus. Maybe you struggle with this too. There are so many things you want to learn, do, and achieve. There are so many things you want to create. But when you get some extra time or a moment of peace, you find yourself unable to act.

To me, the thing holding you back from realizing your creative potential is ACTION. It doesn’t matter if your aspiration is to know how to sew or how to rule the world, the first step is always to take action.

If this is a skill you’re interested in honing, if you want to learn to use positive action to achieve big things, sign-up. If you want to move past procrastination and into accomplishment, sign-up. Eight lessons will be delivered to your inbox automatically.

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