Fragments and Chaos

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

My life has a lot of fragments and chaos. There’s family, friends, spouse, work, cat, commitments, groups, work, networking, cooking, cleaning, shopping… the list goes on.

Some days those fragments and chaos trigger overwhelm. You know the days I’m talking about. I wake up in a mood and I just don’t wanna… do… anything. I call it “a case of the fuck-its”.

Some days those exact same fragments and chaos bring me intense joy. I want to write, celebrate, talk to everyone, smile at strangers, connect, create. All of it!

The difference is always me. Every single world is created by a huge number of fragments and chaos. The one constant is me.

My fragments and chaos aren’t within my control, but how I feel about and respond to them is. When I wake up with “a case of the fuck-its”, am I going to honor that feeling and take care of myself, or am I going to fight it? When I feel intense joy and want to connect and inspire, am I going to seek out opportunities, or let introversion win?

When I take the time to consider and honor me, the fragments and chaos seem more manageable. Turns out, letting myself actually rest and regenerate when my spirit tells me that’s what it needs, makes the “fuck-its” pass much more quickly. When I honor my joy and enthusiasm and choose to be open to connection, the joy expands and lasts much longer than when I keep it to myself.

Your fragments and chaos, whatever they may be, create your world.
You are the one constant.
Honor you.

Thanks for being on the journey with me.

?, Lara

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