Forgiveness is like kindness wrapped in chocolate

Did that title get your attention? Awesome! Now let me explain what I mean. I’m all about forgiveness, allowing it to flow freely in my life. I have walked the lessons and wisdom I’ve gained over the years, studying forgiveness, practicing forgiveness, writing about forgiveness. Yup, I’ve even written a book about it. (LOL) So, I’ve gotten to be pretty good friends with forgiveness; we’re like ebony and ivory together.

Well…I can truly say in the last 2 months forgiveness came full circle for me and taught me so much more about love than I’ve ever comprehended or fathomed! Since I last wrote on this blog, my dad passed. It affected me in ways I could never have imagined. We had been estranged and had a very tumultuous relationship. The good thing is, I’d forgiven him. So when I got word that he was in ICU and not doing well, I immediately jumped into action and planned to go to him. Now keep in mind, this was a weekend, super bowl weekend to be exact, so flights were crazy to say the least. I ended up finding a friend who took off work with an hour notice and drove over 13 hours to help me get to my dad.

To say it was life changing does not do justice to the experience. I arrived about 3am on Sunday morning and we were blessed to have a few hours together. He wasn’t able to talk, but when I held his hand and talked to him, single tears kept falling. I knew he could hear and understand me. It was powerful, soul-touching and healing all wrapped up in a warm hug. It was magical. He passed a little over 24 hours after I arrived. I’m at peace because I know he was at peace.

So why do I say forgiveness is like kindness wrapped up in chocolate? Because most people I know like or at least enjoy chocolate. Well, I freaking LOVE chocolate. I mean honestly, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. The experience I had with my dad was better than any random or intentional act of kindness I’ve ever performed. It was better than any chocolate bar, piece of cake, candy or anything else chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Kindness and Chocolate are my things. They make my sunshine brighter. The forgiveness we had for each other allowed us to share his final moments together. They are still touching my soul, making my sunshine brighter and were better than three things I absolutely love – forgiveness, kindness and chocolate.

This is not the article I intended to write this month; however, as I sat down to write I knew I had to find a way to share my inspiration and experience to help empower and encourage others. I didn’t want it to be sad or overwhelming. I wanted to find a light-hearted way to share the absolutely power and life changing experience I’ve been living. My hope is that it inspires you if there if you’ve been struggling with forgiveness. It’s not about others; it’s all about you being free. Be kind and loving to yourself and give the gift of freedom through forgiveness. Even if you may have been struggling to forgive yourself, think of it like a chocolate bar or whatever your favorite guilty pleasure is. Forgive and celebrate the beauty of life.

It’s really simple in the end. Kindness is a beautiful and free way to better enjoy life and enjoy others. The more you give and receive, the easier it is and the better it feels. So get to it – go get your KIND on!

Jasmine is a Speaker, Life Strategist/Coach & Author with a background of 18+ years in Health & Wellness. Her professional experience includes in-home rehab, fitness training, massage therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching & counseling. She shares her wisdom, experience and eclectic musings on her blogtalk radio show, facebook live videos and in her HealingOne Newsletter. Get connected:

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