For The Love of Roller Coasters

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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For The Love of Roller Coasters

I used to hate roller coasters. I was terrified of them. One of my earliest memories is freaking out before going on the Space Mountain at Disneyland. It’s hazy in my mind at best, but can see myself crying. My mother getting off with me and the rest of my family moving ahead. This continued well into my 20‘s…I made any excuse not to go. I’d hold the coats. My stomach hurt. If there was a reason to stay on the ground, I found it. I was afraid of what could happen…I was a afraid of the fear I might feel. The truth was, I went on very few scary rides. I didn’t even know what fears would surge. But the prospect of discomfort was overwhelming…so I bowed out.

This all changed on my best friend Kelly’s 20 something birthday. She wanted to go to Magic Mountain. While I had had some legitimate reason to be late…I hoped that by the time I got there the roller coaster riding would be over. No such luck. It was wildly hot and we sat in the shade. I hoped we would sit there all day. Eventually, we gathered ourselves and then got in the longest line ever. I was jittery as hell…and probably just as annoying. I kept looking over the line to see the kids and pre-teens all excited. I kept telling myself that if a 12 year old could do it, so could I. And I did. It was incredible. We twisted. Turned and flipped. For 2 minutes I didn’t think. I was present as present could be.

There have been many things in my life I have been afraid to do. Moving. Meeting new people. Starting a business. Sharing here with you. But the act of doing them is always, without fail, exhilarating. The fear shows up, but I choose to feel the electricity of it. The excitement of possibility that lurks below. The energy takes over and thought falls away. I step into the perfect present experience…I stand exactly where I am. Fully in myself. The outcome is secondary to the moment where I get to be the absolute expression of who I am.

I still get afraid. But that doesn’t stop me. I deal with the jitters because the experience is worth is. I bring all of me and then I surrender. No gripping the sides of my seat is going to make the outcome any different…well it might distract me from the amazing time that is possible. I’m here to play and to see how the ride goes. And every time it’s amazing.

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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