For the Love of Fear

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

For the Love of Fear

I have to come to love the fear. My fear. The fear that grips back of my neck and tries to hold me in place. The fear the spins a fine web of make believe so as keep me safe. So as keep me locked in the tower and plotting ways to grow my hair as long as Rapunzel’s so that I can wrap it around the far away and pull life closer. ??

I appreciate the fear of instinct. Connecting me to the primal roots. A physical warning system telling me where NO resides. Sending shivers up my limbs, causing me to turn the corner or run like hell so that I can keep on the adventure offered to me.??

I love the edginess of fear. It is the edge. The line where my mind cannot see the possibilities with clarity so it begins to make life up. It takes the yes and streams into to a fractal of thoughts, competing to see what could turn out worse. It is a guide. A mighty blinking arrow showing me the way to where the next wild leaps live…the plunge into an even grander human experience. ?

Fear is daring in its willingness to cut off my nose to spite all of me. To do whatever it needs to do to serve me. It is relentless in its task to serve. It knows no boundaries or borders. It will do what it takes to keep its host alive. ??

I adore the electricity of fear. Jolting me awake. In the night. In the quiet of my existence…getting through when little else can. Egging me out of complacency because staying in the stuck can become the scariest place ever.
Mostly, I love fear because it’s my creation. My work of art. It is something that has buried itself in my mind. In my skin…causing it to crawl. Causing my stomach to churn or my feet to run. I cannot coax it out of hiding with threats and denial. I cannot see its dance or receive its gifts if I curse its very presence. I miss out on all the good stuff if I let fear subvert into the underbelly of my consciousness, trying to run the show. But, when I love it, I can breathe with it. I can let it out and let it see that the mystery isn’t so dark as stormy as it had imagined. When the light of day touches it, I can plainly see that I am the the one who made it all so scary to begin with.

I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Rothman, MA if you are being fancy. I’m a Wizardess of love. Mistress of change. Conjurer of Electric Creative Wholeness.

I am here to invite and inspire you to live the best human experience ever. I connect folks to their soul, their purpose, their absolute and amazing joy. I coach. I write. I facilitate the amazing Receiving Project.  Most of all, I have a damn good time!

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