Five Things for your Medicine Bag with Goddess Leonie Allan

Happy Monday Lovelies! I am so excited to have Goddess Leonie back here on the blog today! She recently wrote a post for Kind Over Matter’s Spin Your Story feature sharing how she thought she wasn’t beautiful, & today is another dose of encouragement & love for you! You should definitely hop on over to Leonie’s blog & dig in, so big & beautiful & full of goodness for you! Thank you so much for for taking part in the Kind Kindred series Leonie! Big Love & Peace to all of you, enjoy, Amanda

I see you on a journey.

Walking your path, trying so hard, searching, looking, hoping.

You are walking your path, doing your best.

Some days it is easy, some days it feels like tiny furled wings hover at the sides of your feet.

Some days it is not. Some days it is walking through mud, streaked with strain, clambering for a glimpse at the sun.

Dearest friend, I think you are wonderful.

I think you are brave and good and strong and divine.

I want to fill your knapsack, your medicine bag, with things to nourish you.

Things for you to dip into whenever you are hungry, whenever you are lost, whenever you need a reminder from home that you are loved.

A hamper for your soul.

Because I believe in you.

And you deserve the very best.

1. A letter from your angels.

2. A healing meditation.

3. A poster.

How to Be a Goddess Poster – PDF

4. A reminder that even the worst thing can be the best thing.

5. And this:

Wherever you are.

However you are.

I want you to know

you are held.

you are loved.

you are beautiful.

you are guided.

Know this to be true, dearest heart.

All you are

is all that is needed.

love love love,

Goddess Leonie is the creator of, a popular creativity + spirituality blog for women.

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