Five (TEN!) Kind Etsy Finds!

Five Kind Etsy Finds 7.3.09

1. Nature Lover Greek Goddess Dress by Aida Coronado 2. Sterling Silver Custom Mirror Reflected Affirmation Pendant & Chain by Ela & company 3. Original Poetry Reel – Love by Phillipa England 4. What Are You Waiting For – 4 x 6 Art Print by sparkle power 5. Small Kiss & Hug needlepoint kits by Emily Peacock Tapestry

I was asked to guest blog over at Handmade in PA while Tara is on vacation, so today you get TEN Kind Etsy Finds! Head on over & check it out, all the finds are kind & artists from Pennsylvania!

From the site: Handmade in PA seeks to be the premiere site for bringing Pennsylvania artisans & shoppers together. We feature interviews, host giveaways, publish tutorials, & offer business & shopping advice – all in the name of supporting the handmade movement in Pennsylvania. We are always looking for guest contributors & hosts for giveaways.

It was a honor & a treat, thanks so much Tara!

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