Five creative DIY crafts for your garden

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Whether you have a tiny patch of lawn or acres of land, there are many things you can do to make your outside space pleasing on the eye. It’s all about creativity and imagination, so if you’re feeling inspired check out these five exciting DIY crafts:

Create a miniature garden

Miniature gardening is the latest craze from across the pond which is both fun and surprisingly addictive. Like the name suggests it essentially involves creating a downsized garden (complete with accessories of your choice, be it chairs, birdcages, trellises and such like) before displaying it on your patio – or even bringing it inside. The possibilities are endless and with mini garden items available from sites like Bakker, you won’t be short of choice.

Paint your garden bench

Want to bring your old garden bench back to life? Then why not paint it a different colour or go completely crazy and paint each slat a different hue? If you’re working with a wooden bench, it’s a good idea to sand the surface down to bare wood before you start as this will give you a smooth surface and help the primer adhere well to the wood. To finish, apply a quality exterior primer followed by an exterior latex or oil-based paint.

Make your own wind chime

Wind chimes play a beautiful, soothing melody on a breezy day, so how about making your own? You’ll find plenty of inspiration online but if you want to get the kids involved a tin can wind chime would be ideal. To do this simply gather an array of empty, clean tin cans of various sizes, tape the rims to prevent any cuts and decorate them with paint, glitter or anything else which takes your fancy. Next, punch a hole in the top of each can and thread a long length of yarn through. Attach two washers to the string, one to keep it in place, the other to bang against the inside of the can. Tie your cans round a branch so they overlap each other and hey presto, you’re done!

Make an outdoor chandelier

Who says chandeliers are just for inside the house? They look great outside too and you could even turn one corner of your garden into a tranquil area for peace and relaxation. To do this all you really need is a wire basket with a handle and a flat base. Once you have a suitable container, pop an array of candles inside (they can be coloured or clear depending on your taste) and decorate the basket with old jewellery such as crystal-look necklaces or clip on brooches – this is where it gets fun.

Make a painted wheelbarrow planter

Got a rusty old wheelbarrow lying around? Great! This can be turned into a fantastic planter with just a bit of elbow grease and artistic freedom. To get things started, thoroughly wash and scrub the metal to remove all dirt and sand it down. Cover in primer before spray painting it a colour of your choice. After that you can decorate it with bright stencil designs or whatever else takes your fancy before finishing with varnish. Finally, pop some soil inside, plant some colourful flowers and you’ve made yourself a garden feature piece.

These ideas are sure to spice up your outside space, so go ahead and give them a go!


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