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Happy Monday all! So excited to share Michelle Nickolaisen of Wicked Whimsy‘s Kind Kindred post with you today! Michelle is not new to writing for Kind Over Matter, she spun a beautiful story about Pain & Purpose at the beginning of this year & I am just over the moon about her being here again. She expresses that quantity can diminish quality & how important it is that you care for yourself first before caring for others. Plus, at the bottom of this post Michelle is giving away one of her Take Back Your Creativity kits AND giving Kind Over Matter’s readers a kind discount code!! Thank you so much Michelle, it’s such a pleasure to have you here on KOM again! Big Love to all of you, Amanda

First, Fill Your Own Glass

First, fill your own glass

Kindness is like water. We all need it to survive.

Imagine you’re hosting a party. You’re so excited to have all of these amazing people in your house, and things are going splendidly. Then you notice one guest has no water in their glass. You go to refill it, turn around, and see another glass that’s almost empty. You refill that one too, and you’re on your way back to the kitchen when you see yet another guest with an empty glass.

Some time – an hour? two? later, you’re not feeling so great. You’re so thirsty you can’t pay attention to anything anyone is saying, and you’re starting to get a headache from dehydration. You’re sort of wishing everyone would go home already so you could get something to drink. This does not create the proper party atmosphere, and it doesn’t make you look like a good host, either!

First, you need to fill your own glass – among other things, if you aren’t taken care of, you can’t help out anyone else.

People don’t take being kind to themselves seriously, but it’s so important. Someone else can’t always take care of you, and even if someone does care for you from time to time, it doesn’t replace self-care. It’s outside care. Showing to yourself that you care about your life and happiness is a powerful message. It lets you know that no matter what, there’s someone who will take care of you. You.

With self-care comes self-trust, and that adds a whole new level of comfort to your life. It opens up worlds to you. If you trust yourself and trust your intuition, new choices will show up – things you never would have seen before.

Here’s some of my favorite ways to build self-care & self-trust:

Take a nap when you’re tired. Don’t set an alarm, just wake up when you want to.

Play. I frequently take breaks while writing to hula hoop or play a rousing game of hair-tie hockey with my kitty.

Seek laughter. Playing is a good way to do this, but if I’m especially down in the dumps I’ll go out of my way to look up something funny & cheer myself up.

Make space. If I’m feeling frustrated and stuck, I look at what’s stuck, what’s stagnant, and what needs to go to make space for good stuff to come on in.

And one of the most important ways: make time for what’s important for you. One of the things I suggest in Take Back Your Creativity is that, when feeling like you have no time for your creative practices, you can sit down and make a list of your priorities. The top four or five most time consuming priorities that you have – and then figure out a way to remove one of those priorities for one day, or even just a few hours, this week. Have someone else do your chores, or order in instead of cooking, or don’t bring your work home with you. If you don’t have the time, then make the time. It’s worth it – trust me.

(Or better yet, trust yourself!)

I’m a 22 year old blue haired creative & writer living in Austin, TX. I’ve been painting, drawing, writing – you name it – pretty much since I could hold something to do it with! I write at Wicked Whimsy about the intersection of creativity, aesthetics, and productivity, and I want to help you take back your creativity.

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My e-course | Be Gentle, Be Love : 30 Days of Cultivating Your Virtues with Creativity | is always open for registration. Unfold your story & create meaningful, life-shifting art.


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