Finding Meaning

You discreetly drifted off into the ethereal
and painless world of dementia, leaving me
with all household chores. Can I handle this?

Not just my usual tasks, but gradually
all that you did, too. What more will be asked of me?

And now I’m helping you with things you always did yourself:
dressing & undressing, bathing & things in the bathroom.
Do I have a choice?

But, come to think of it,
this means that you’re off the hook
for having to do the same for me someday.

putting it that way –
I’m okay with all this.
Yes, I am.


This poem was based on notes written while the author was living with his wife’s dementia.
David also published a book about his experience, Remnants of our Life with your Dementia: A Poetic Memoir.

david r. topper
David R. Topper is a published writer living in Winnipeg, Canada. His work has appeared in Mono, Poetic Sun, Discretionary Love, Academy of the Heart & Mind, and elsewhere.
Synchronized Chaos Magazine nominated his poem Seascape with Gulls: My Father's Last Painting to Sundress Publications as a 2023 Best of the Net.

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