Finding the kindness of the wild earth

Post by Jodi Sky Rogers for the Kind Kindred series.

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I stood looking out at the wetland before me. Moorhen sailed smoothly across the water, silent, serene and seemingly unaware of my pain. My heart ached. My mind could not make sense of what was happening. In a vulnerable moment of desperation, I sent out a silent pray to the Universe. To the Earth. To anyone who was listening. My Spirit needed lifting. I needed help to understand and heal. At the time, I had been trying to come to terms with a deep sense of betrayal. A close family member defrauded me. They ended up in court and were being charged for the crime.

Just as I offered up my desperate prayer, a wind rushed through the three mature trees that stood tall beside me. The branches shook and a shower of beautiful golden leaves danced and swirled as they fell to the ground around me. I was overcome with an incredible sense of peace. I knew in that moment that I was being held. Held by the kindness of these sister trees, held by the kindness of Mother Earth and held by the love of the Universe. I knew once more that I would find a way to be okay, to let go and to release my pain and anger.

I developed an affinity for Nature from a very young age. Throughout my childhood, the natural world was the healing sanctuary that I escaped to when life in a toxic home was hard. It was the healing balm that soothed the emotional wounds from unkind bullies who picked on me. It was the one place where I felt safe and at peace. Yes, it is true that Nature has a hard exterior that can make one perceive it as harsh, destructive or violent. But when you delve below the surface, you find its softness – a delicate interior that emanates a hush of beauty, stillness and sacred wisdom. Its softness wants to hold us in warm embraces of wild comfort.

As I grew older, I learnt to perceive Nature as a sacred space where spirit dwells. Mother Earth is a powerful teacher and healer. Each aspect of nature is a mirror of what lies inside of us. She teaches us how to live from our heart centre and how to love unconditionally. She teaches us what real freedom of spirit and inner peace is. Each leaf, tree and stone is imbued with Divine Spirit. They are wisdom keepers. They are love notes and instructions from our Creator.

When ancient cultures and early peoples first began to develop a conscious sense of spirituality, they looked to Nature. They saw the sacred in the earth, the trees, the rain, the sun and the stars. They connected with the unseen forces of Nature for wisdom, guidance and healing.

So when you are next visit a natural space, be it your garden, a park, the beach or the mountains, take a moment to be present. Invite the wisdom and healing energy of the Earth into your life. Be open to its kindness. You may be surprised at what shows up.

Jodi Sky Rogers is an Eco-Intuitive & Writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
She is a flower charmed and nature loving soul who loves quiet moments in lotus position, dreamy sky-scapes and the magic of the Universe.

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