Finding Freedom From Perfectionism & Guilt

As a little girl, I let myself feel proud. I’d organize an improv dance performance with the kids on the block, or decorate an empty bottle with melted crayon. I could lose myself in creativity and wonder, and felt no qualms about letting the world know – “Look what I did!”
Then over time, like most other women I know, something shifted. Somehow, I learned to be self-conscious of my creative impulses, embarrassed by my enthusiasm, and more concerned with other people’s opinions of me than my own.
Now, as a mother of two, I see my boys fueled by their enthusiasm and creativity, and delighting in being their full selves. Watching them live so freely has reawakened a longing within me. I’ve reclaimed my own sense of confidence, creativity, worth, and wonder, and help other women do the same. 
It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for. It takes years to find your voice and seize your real estate.” ~ Amy Poehler
I created, Finding What You Didn’t Losea 28-day group coaching program, for women who want to stop feeling sorry and start seizing their real estate again. Through daily journal prompts and personalized coaching, the program will help you find the ease, confidence, playfulness, and strength that have been bottlenecked behind perfectionism, people-pleasing and productivity. 
In addition to helping you connect with yourself, the program connects you with other courageous women, which helps you realize that we are all scared of letting go of perfectionism and guilt, and need each other’s support to do so. Through being compassionate and encouraging to each other, we find compassion and encouragement for ourselves. 
Here is what one woman has to say about the program: 

I found who I am in the midst of all these obligations to my kids, my work, my husband. I am also more aware of all the good things I do, instead of all the ways I think I fall short. This process helped me rediscover my internal compass – what I like, what I don’t like, what serves me, and how I want to be in the world. 

If you’re longing for more courage, creativity, connection and confidence, please join usKOM readers can use the code ‘KOM’ and receive 10% off the enrollment price. 
With love and optimism,
Dr. Jessica 

Dr. Jessica Michaelson is a clinical psychologist and coach for critical thinking women. She lives in Austin, TX (by way of Oakland, CA) with her husband and two wild boys.

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