Feel Good Nouns: Courage

Uncharted territories, originally uploaded by Andrea Marutti.

jamie ridler of starshyne productions is one of my favorites, i’m not going to try and be unbiased. she’s the creativity behind Wishcasting Wednesdays, Full Moon Dreamboards and Wreck this Journal.pretty much every day, she pulls and tweets an OSHO Zen Card of the Day, today that is what’s caught my eye.

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OSHO Zen Card of the Day: Exhaustion. It’s time to tear up the time-card, break out of the factory and take a trip into the uncharted.

Question. be courageous: where would your trip into the unchartered be?

my trip would be someone i would go via an airplane. i haven’t flown since i was a baby, and getting on a plane scares me so much. my goal for this year is to go an a two-hour plane ride. i’m trying to narrow down which place i’d like to go to — memphis, nashville, miami, new orleans, savannah! there are so many places that i’ve wanted to go to, i’m just working on finding my courage.


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