feel good blog of the day: The Organic Sister

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t checked out the Organic Sister yet, please-please-please go do so! This blog is amazing, I’m completely enamoured with Tara (pronounced like Star only without the s & with an “uh”) & I’m so excited to see what she writes next!

In Tara’s words, she writes about peaceful parenting, urban homesteading & sustainable baby steps. She shares her family’s forays into the realm of cloth toilet paper, has recipes for days & talks about how her & her fam are unschooling.

At first it was the sustainable baby steps that caught my eye (I’m trying to make my life more green). So when I started reading all of her wonderful posts — she gave me So Many ideas of things I could do! Between those & the list of sustainable actions she has running down alongside the right of the screen, I’m just brimming with ideas! Then… then I started clicking on a different category & then another & another… you get my point. & wow, I’m so revved up right now, & even more committed to make my life simpler, healthier, to be more creative & open. I feel like I can change the world, or at least make my patch of it a little better.

[clockwise : A Quiet Aha Moment, Tara, Right Here, Right Now, On Our Own Today]

Find Tara here:

The Organic Sister
Not Dabbling in Normal

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