A Feel Good Art Tour of My Home

5×7 screen prints by Jessica Swift :: 5×7 note cards by Lori Portka

My home is filled with art that makes me feel good, that encourages me, that sets my heart afire & then allows it to smolder with peace. I thought it’d be fun to show you some of the art that I admire every day, giving you a little peek into my rented house (we are desperately looking for a new home for various reasons, rentals are hard to come in the country!) Please forgive the iPhone photos, these pieces are so much more beautiful & vivid than what these photos depict, if you hop on over via the links below the photos you will see that!

Have you done an art tour of your home on your blog or flickr, I’d love to see it, post your link in the comments!


left: note card by Lori Portka right: greeting card by Kelly Rae Roberts

left: yes yes yes print by Jessica Swift & Land of Ampersand print by Katie Daisy right: Stargazing by Katie Daisy

Letterpress prints by Lot 9 Press

left: Prayer Flags by Lori Portka right: Make it Happen by Eva Juliet

left: 1 of 6 Nikki McClure posters we have. right: Fight the Good Fight print by Tasha Monserrat

left: art blocks by Mary Anne Radmacher right: the world swirls around you print by Jessica Swift
An artist that we don’t have up right now, for lack of room, is Alex Grey. I absolutely am in love with his work & can’t wait to move & put him up again.

Thank you for being here!


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