Father’s Day Plans

The world recognizes dads for all their hard work. As Father’s Day approaches, your head may be spinning, wondering what you can get your dad. Gifts such as bookends for his library, a new suit or a tie are fabulous; however, getting a little creative with your gift will impress him.

Here are some ideas you may like to try:

  1. Throw a barbecue bash

Dads love barbecues, but it’s an outdoor activity that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Have a family game night

Dads love challenges so set up a game night to test his skill.

Father's Day Plans 2

  1. Go fishing

Plan a fishing trip for Father’s Day and spend some quality time with your Papa. You may even learn a few things from him – fishing is an activity best taught by a dad!

  1. Teach your dad how to play a game

Your father may have taught you to play chess or another game. Now you can show him some online games you love to play.

  1. Invite your dad’s social squad

Remember those guys who always hang out with your old man? Invite the crew to watch a football game or other activity together.

  1. Take a hike

Plan to go hiking with your dad. Start exercising now so you’ll be ready on Father’s Day.

Father's Day Plans 3

  1. Arrange a camping trip

Organize a family camping trip for Father’s Day. Who knows how to assemble a tent better than a dad?

  1. The way to his heart

We’ve all heard the old cliché: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It happens to be so true. On Father’s Day, prepare all your dad’s favorite foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  1. Help your dad with his project

Surprise your Pops and offer to help him with a long-overdue project. That’s definitely a gift that he will appreciate.

  1. Take a family road trip

Make great memories as you buckle up and take a fun ride with the whole family. Invite everyone to bring their favorite CDs and sing along at the top of your voices.

Father's Day Plans 4

  1. Book a fun getaway

Organize a trip and accompany him to an exotic getaway. (If you’re planning this for your husband, you could revisit your honeymoon venue.)

  1. Plan a dinner date

When was the last time you feasted out with your father? Book a dinner date just for the two of you and catch up.

  1. Take your dad for a fun event

Check what’s currently happening in your neighborhood and plan to take Dad to an event he will enjoy.

  1. Go to a wine tasting

For wine-loving dads – take him to explore a local winery and arrange for a tasting.

Father's Day Plans 5

  1. Male it a family celebration

Have the children decorate the house with banners, balloons, etc. Set a pretty table and enjoy a delectable meal.

  1. Watch a movie together

Grab some drinks and lots of popcorn and head to the TV. You can enjoy an old film that is one of your Dad’s favorites.

  1. Restock your Papa’s bar

If he has a bar in the house, you can surprise him by restocking it. The rest is up to him!

Father's Day Plans 6

  1. Teach dad how to cook

Teach him how to fix a quick snack or meal like fries, popcorn or omelets. The less time you spend in the kitchen, the easier it will be for him.

  1. Spa package

Hey, who says dads can’t get pampered? You can send him for a spa day, or arrange a monthly, quarter or yearly package.

  1. Go bowling

Most dads enjoy any kind of sporting activity, especially where there’s a challenge involved. Are you going to take him down or let him win?

Father's Day Plans 7

In conclusion

Don’t get caught unprepared. Male your plans before Father’s Day arrives. You don’t have to splurge – just be there for him. Hope these Father’s Day gift ideas will help you create a special bond.

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