Expressing Gratitude with Thank You Notes

When you want to express your gratitude for a good deed or a job well done, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of emails and casual face-to-face chat. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with either of these, they don’t come close to the heartfelt gesture of a handwritten thank you note. To give you plenty of food for thought here are a few hints and tips that will allow you to show your thanks in a truly genuine way.

Start with a warm and friendly greeting
We all know that happiness matters, but how many of us realize just how important it is to show gratitude and how it influences our love of life? If you start with a warm and friendly greeting, just as you would if you were speaking in person, you can catch the reader’s eye from the moment your note arrives. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be well on your way to delivering a heartfelt message that they’ll remember forever and that brings the two of you closer together.

Express your thanks in an authentic way
Saying thanks is all about being genuine and authentic. You don’t want to use a cookie-cutter style approach that reads like a template you’ve found online because that will make your sentiments appear insincere. Write from the heart, make it personal and reach out and connect with the reader in a truly meaningful way.

If they’ve helped you through a difficult period, let them know. If they were the hero that saved the day, tell them about the sense of relief you experienced when you realized they’d come to your aid when no one else would. While you want to avoid going over the top, you do want to convey your emotions and feelings in a way that makes it clear to the person that they’ve done some good in the world and that someone is thankful for it.

Add in the key details that make the reader feel valued
If you want to really connect with the reader, you’re going to have to add some of the specific details that will make your note truly unique. Everyone loves a thank you note, but if it feels overly vague or generic they may feel like you’re sending the same note to a dozen different people.

Simply by taking the time to express your thanks in a personal way you can show the recipient just how much their gestures and efforts mean to you. It’s all about making the other person feel as valued as you did when they helped you. If you approach your writing in this frame of mind you’ll find some truly memorable phrases.

Look ahead to the future so you can start a dialogue
Looking ahead is what life is about when things are going well, so why not indulge the reader in your future plans? Perhaps they gave you some money as a gift: tell them how you’ll spend it. Maybe you plan on paying them a visit in the summer. Or maybe there are a whole host of ideas you’re excited to try that you have to sit down and figure out. It doesn’t matter how you feel or what you have planned; just make sure you pass on that infectious enthusiasm to make your “thank you” something truly memorable.

Wrap things up by restating how grateful you are
Now that you’re coming to the end of your note, you want to briefly restate your thanks. You don’t want to end by talking about what you’re going to do next. Instead you’re turning the reader’s attention back to the good deed they did and the feel-good factor they’re entitled to enjoy.

The key here is to be succinct, concise and find a different way of saying thanks, not simply repeating or paraphrasing the start of your note. This shows the reader the time you’ve put in and it’s a great way to finish with a flourish of gratitude.

Choose a personal sign-off that catches the eye
Last but not least, it’s time to sign things off. Choose a friendly, personable finish that matches your greeting. This creates a truly memorable message that the person you’re giving it to will treasure forever. It’s also a great way to ensure your note doesn’t have an abrupt ending. Take your time to find an ending you like and trust your judgment that you’ll get it right. Your note is a step forward in your friendship and relationship; and you’re the person who knows the most about it.

Finding the words is the secret
If you want to find the right words, give a little bit of thought to what will make the recipient smile from ear to ear. You don’t have to make them laugh out loud; it’s enough to make them smile by telling them how you appreciate what they did for you.

Use positive, aspirational and emotional language to convey the way their gesture or gift made you feel. It’s a chance to show them just how much they mean to you, regardless of how selfless they were about coming to your aid.

By following these steps you’ll be adding positivity and happiness to the world in a way that little else can. It’s all about making the world a better place to be and knowing what you do really matters to everyone else.

Final Thoughts
Now that you’ve heard all about how you can express gratitude with simple thank you notes, it’s up to you to build the habit that will last a lifetime. By taking the time to thank the people you interact with, you can fill your life with happiness in a way that’s hard to match. It’s just what you need when you want to love every second of your journey through life.

Bridgette Hernandez
Bridgette Hernandez is a Master in Anthropology who is interested in writing and is planning to publish her own book in the near future. Now she is a content editor at TrustMyPaper. She works with professional writing companies such as GrabMyEssay and Studicus as a writer. The texts she writes are always informative, based on a qualitative research but nevertheless pleasant to read.

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