Everyone Eventually Gets Found

Post by Rachael Maddox for the Love for Love series.

Everyone Eventually Gets Found

it’s strange the way i’m coming out
quietly, without telling much of anything
to anyone
without so many words
to fill all those once
unfilled pages


the truth is, i’m out of my mind
and all the signs
for turning back
are years passed
before i ever
even knew
where i was headed


the heart is
of lying

so much
that when it’s hiding
it holds everything in

quietly collecting enough
ache to escape
over time

oh, but it’s the laughter
that’s usually too loud

it’s the laughter
in the end
that gets you found


gets found

Rachael Maddox is a life coach, writer and cliff-jumper (metaphorically). She’s currently clanking away at her first book of poetry & prose, Cosmic 25, which is still in its secret stages, but includes lots on love, sex, mayhem and solitude. She fucking loves coaching artists, rebels, misfits, freaks, visionaries and anyone who adores sensuality. And mostly, she believes in keeping things easy and natural. Here’s her website of inspiration and magic.


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