Every Step Changes the View

Growth can be difficult.
Change can be scary.

Most of us try to have it all figured out before we make a move. We can spend hours/days/months/ or even years analyzing, preparing, thinking, planning. We look at every possible outcome, come up with myriad solutions and maybe, just maybe, then we take a step.

The kicker is that every step you take changes the view.

Think about hiking. Many trails have a beautiful view at the end and along the way, but when you start off at the trailhead, all you see is an arduous path in front of you. As you make your way on the trail, the view changes. Based on the changing view, you might decide to take a different path – a more rugged offshoot that gets you closer to the waterfall you didn’t even know was there.

The same is true for growth and change. So many of us spend so much time in the analyzing or planning stage based on where we think we’re headed.

What about the changing views along the way?

What if the best we can do is plan for the first part of growth and change. This requires a hefty dose of self-trust, but it’ll also get you more progress than you ever imagined.

Human brains love the sense of safety, and sameness is often conflated in the brain as safety.
It’s OK that change and growth feel difficult or scary.
It’s OK to not have all the answers. In fact, it’s better to not have all the answers because that leaves space for adjustments along the way! You might just find a metaphorical waterfall that you didn’t even know was there when you start taking steps toward change and growth.

Notice the places where you’re over-analyzing and under-acting. What if you don’t have to plan the destination, but you get to focus on just the next step? Leave space for the view to change and know that you’ve got this – whatever comes next.

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