Easy ways to keep your business Kind

When I have the pleasure of meeting awesome, kind business owners, I always invite them to the KOM community. 
Sam Nordberg and I met in a Facebook group and hit it off immediately. I wanted her to write for the Kindness in Business series. Sam told me she’s more of an interview gal, so we hopped on Skype and had a chat! 
Join us for 20 minutes of how to make your business feel good, give back, and of course, be kind.

Hi, I’m Sam, Sam I am (and no, I do not like green eggs and ham!) 

But I do love creating kick ass courses. 
I work with passionate people just like you, to take all of that “stuff” out of their head and turn it into a course. 
With over 10 years’ experience training others, I can make the process quick, easy and plenty of fun. 
Join the free Write that Course challenge, or get my full support inside the Trainers Academy.

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