Easy Random Acts of Kindness That Will Ignite Your Day

There are various acts of kindness that you can do to ignite your day and make it better and more interesting. Engaging in acts of kindness can be a stress reliever and make the recipient, as well as ourselves, happy. When we engage in random acts of kindness it allows us to pay less attention to our self and our problems, and make our days more fulfilling. Here are some acts of kindness you might consider:

Take care of yourself  

Kindness starts with you. It is hard to be kind to other people when your soul is hurting. If you are depressed you will not have the energy to be kind to other people. Start being kind to yourself by having a great morning – take a bubble bath, eat a good breakfast and try to be in a bubbly mood. You can also write yourself an encouraging letter, especially when you reach a big milestone like reaching your weight loss goal or buying a house. Email the letter to yourself so it will be a reminder later.

Write Someone a Gratitude Letter 

It is important to realize that there are people who have contributed to our success. These might be your friends, parents or other relatives. Writing a gratitude letter to them is a great way to show your appreciation for all they have done for you. Your gratitude letter may motivate them to respond and make your day even more special.

Donate to a Charity

There may be people in your community who are going through challenges. Helping them can feel good, satisfying and fulfilling without expecting a payback. Look for websites that give you information on where to make donations or even volunteer. There are also sites where you are quizzed on specific topics. They will make a donation for each right answer (like donating 10 grains of rice to help world hunger).

Send Flowers to Someone You Love 

Sending flowers or love messages to someone makes them feel loved. You can send flowers to your mother, grandmother, father, boyfriend or girlfriend. Receiving flowers or love messages makes their day special. While making them happy you also get a feeling of satisfaction and ignite your day. When they receive the flowers, they will think about their loved ones and a great day full of love will be created. Sometimes you may not fully understand what your loved ones mean to you until you take the initiative to send them a positive message. A carefully crafted text tells someone you are thinking about them, that you care and love them; and it can also leave you feeling better about yourself.

Record a Birthday Greeting Video

Sometimes the small things we do for our friends count a lot in our lives. Recording a birthday greeting video may seem like a small thing, but it shows that you care about them and that they mean a lot to you. If they respond to the message, a great bond will be established. Every time you or the recipient watches the birthday video, it will prompt a spirit of love. You will feel energized because you have lovable people in your life.

Pay it forward 

It feels good to do the right thing without being pressured. Sometimes doing a random act of kindness, like going to a coffee shop and paying for another person’s order, will make you feel better about yourself. The other person will also leave feeling better and may pass the kindness on. Knowing that you have been kind to a random stranger will ignite your day.

Tip Big 

When eating out or ordering food to be delivered you may choose to include a big tip as a way of making someone’s life better. You never know when someone is in need of some extra money. Receiving an unexpected large tip will create happiness in their life.

Being kind makes you feel happy. When you are kind to someone their smile will make you happy. There are many acts of kindness you can undertake to ignite your day and make the lives of others better. Random acts of kindness will improve your own mood. Instead of tearing someone down, you’ve lifted both of you up with kind words or gestures.

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