drumroll please!

and the winner is….Nikki!

Nikki said that this photo represent love to her:

So pretty & sweet, oh it makes me smile so big! You’ll be receiving the photo of your choice soon! Yay, congratulations!

Thank yoooou Kelly for working with us, we were so happy to feature your work, it’s so lovely (…um, no pun intended, eeep.) You’re the best!!

To all of you who entered, thank you so much! We had so much fun with our little love fest & it’s always so nice to share some love. The photos were touching & cute & heartwarming!

Last but never-ever least, please check out our sponsors located to your right! Many of them have donated their work & time into Kind Over Matter, & we thank them so very much. Want to help support Kind Over Matter? Think about becoming a sponsor & click here to get all the details!

Peace to each of you! ♥


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