dreams & bubbles

I remember being
the little girl that laid on the wall
with her sister watching the sky.
‘What are those little bubbles,’ she asked,
‘in the sky?’
Not knowing that they floated
the surface of her eye.

Some may say, ‘how naïve.’
or ‘that’s a waste of time,’
but I ask them —

Does your heart harbor adventure
and your dreams aspire to create,
to invent a world of wonder
rather than have a debate?

Have you attempted to navigate
the celestial seas of wonder,
or chose to understand
the science of your soul?

The bubbles may not travel the sky,
but magic non-the-less
that lead a child to wonder
and discover what’s best.

The world of mystery
is pretending to be so, but
its illusiveness can be caught,
brought into focus, and
examined by one’s heart.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey’s career as a visual artist/poet spans over four decades. Her poetry often inspires a new painting and sometimes it even becomes imbedded in her mixed-media art. Whether poetry or painting, she works from a state of quiet receptivity allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions Michael trusts in the direction that inspiration provides. “I paint and write for the joy of discovering the endless forms that creative energy can assume - in me and on the paper in front of me.”michael bailey logo. You can follow Michael on her website or on Facebook.

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