Dream Weaver

The loneliest road stretched out before her.
Gratitude and boldness flooded her soul at
the uncharted territory that was hers alone.
Out of the gridlock, into the wild, she gladly ventured.
Schedules and deadlines left in the dust under her boots.
Intoxicating uncertainty aligning with the stars.
The year of “yes” starts with a random finger,
closed eyes, and a point on the well-loved map.
Following where the fates wanted to lead her.
No destination in mind.
Wanderlust layered with nostalgia.
A hungry heart given to fly.

Teri Liptak is a freelance writer who lives in Texas with her husband, son, two neurotic cats and one loudmouthed dachshund.  She loves animals, laughing until she snorts, yoga, painting, the sea and a little coffee with her cream. She’s a member of the East Texas Writers Guild and the Writers’ League of Texas. Teri blogs at http://rttlingcage.blogspot.com/.

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