Don’t Hesitate, Just Create

Post by Michelle Kilgore for the Kindness in Business series.

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Don’t Hesitate, Just Create

I’m a “normal” girl with a “normal” job and lots of dreams. Some of them are easy to make come true. And some of them seem too lofty or big to ever become a reality. But one thing I’ve learned is that this life is ours to live and no one is going to make our dreams come true for us so we better get started!

One of my BIG, lofty, seems-too-impossible-to-come-true dreams is to open a bakery/café/gift shop/party venue dedicated to spreading love and happiness with hearts as the centerpiece and theme.

18 months ago, while traveling for business and thinking about what I really wanted to do with my life, I had a vision of a pink and white bakery/café/gift shop that smelled like fresh cookies and felt like a big hug. I’ve always been fascinated by hearts and love and how one little shape can bring a smile to the face of anyone – male or female, old or young. So I started dreaming about opening a bakery…

But the task seemed so daunting. I started thinking about all the reasons why it wasn’t a good idea and why I could never succeed. I’ve never owned a store or bakery or venue… I have no business training… I have no background in accounting… And on and on and on.

But then I started to reassure myself with the reasons why I AM qualified to make this dream come true. And it really boiled down to three things:
I want it.
I’m a smart girl and can learn what I need to learn
I’m willing to work hard and ask for help

So I began…

I googled “business plan” and began writing. I made a list of all the people that could help and support me. I made a list of all the things I eventually wanted to happen. I made a list of all the things I needed to do to get me there.

And I started to check off the list one by one.

But one thing I noticed at almost every decision along the way was a hesitancy on my part. I always felt like what I had created wasn’t quite good enough and that I should work on it some more and wait for it to be “perfect.” I justified that I would only get one chance to make a good first impression and that I wanted to get this right.

Most of my blogging friends (at least they feel that way to me even though we’re relative strangers) write about entrepreneurship and during this stage of development I was bombarded with the message “you are good enough” and “don’t wait for perfection.” And one day something clicked in my mind and heart that said:

“Just go for it. You have nothing to lose. This isn’t your only chance. You have millions of chances. Just make it happen and let’s see where this goes.”

And that is the day when things began to happen.

After months of debating a logo I finally picked my favorite and got business cards printed. After months of debating whether I should open an online shop or retail store, but not having the funds to open a retail space, I decided to do what I could right then and open an online shop.

I chose to open an Etsy shop but didn’t want to open for business until all my pictures “matched” and were as beautiful as some of my favorite shops. But I took my own advice and just decided to do it, keeping in mind that I could always edit pictures as time went along. So I did and not 24 hours later I got my first order! I’ll never forget how exciting that moment was!!

I won’t say that I’ve never looked back, or I haven’t had those nagging feelings of imperfection anymore.

Even with this article I thought “do I really want people to click through to my Etsy shop when everything still isn’t perfect the way I want it to be?” And the answer is YES, move forward! Do a little something every day to grow your business and yourself and move closer to your dreams.

Push through any feelings of doubt and inadequacy by reminding yourself that there is no better time than now, and no one is going to make your dreams come true unless you do.

Michelle Kilgore is the sole owner, chief dreamer, and primary baker of Sweet on Hearts. She is fascinated by the round fullness and promise of hearts and wants to spread love and happiness around the world one heart a time. In addition to hearts and baking, Michelle loves peonies, babies, traveling, snuggling, and spending time with family.


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