Does your smile hide…

Does your smile hide…

~ tears that are trying to push through?
~ yawns of exhaustion?
~ a broken heart?
~ a worn spirit?
~ mommy/daddy guilt?
~ caregiver PTSD?
~ worry?
~ fear?
~ anxiety?
~ pain?
~ monkey mind?

Has your smile become like a costume?

Do you practice wearing it every day?

Is it part of your armor?

Do you realize your smile…

~ comes from your inner strength?
~ comes from your gratitude?
~ comes from your joy in simple things?
~ comes from your faith?
~ is contagious?
~ touches others?
~ is the shortest distance between two people?
~ is an olive branch?
~ has power?
~ can elevate your mood?
~ can change your day and someone else’s?

Your smile allows your light to shine.

Sharing your smile with the world, even on your hardest day, is a light the world needs.

Your smile is your best asset and is always with you.

Your smile doesn’t have to be a costume, something you practice or a piece of armor. A smile doesn’t make all the stuff you carry go away, but it is something no one can take from you and something you have a choice of using or not.

You decide.

Taralee is an educator, advocate, philanthropist and a published author.

She has passionately contributed to the fields of special education and early childhood education since 1998, meeting her student’s and client’s needs in the home, school and community. She excels at recognizing each child’s unique gift and successfully ignites their love of learning through exploration, discovery and play. It is through this work that "Inspired Education" was born. As a philanthropist, Taralee served as the President and member of the Board of Trustees for the Southern Regional New Jersey Early Intervention Collaborative for 8 years.

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