Does working from home hurt the relationship with your kids?

Over the past year millions of Americans have discovered that running a household is not easy, especially when you have to homeschool your kids and work from home at the same time. Working parents, especially single moms who don’t have a nanny at their disposal, have been stretched thin for months since they have to juggle being a daycare provider and home school teacher on top of their usual responsibilities.

If you’re beginning to worry that working from home may have harmed your relationship with your kids due to feeling stressed out or angry, you are not alone. I know first-hand how difficult it is to find a balance between your career and family life. Although I was fortunate enough to grow closer to my family during the pandemic (even while launching My Life Couch), I know everyone else may not have had the same journey. Below are some common problems you may face as a parent working from home with the kids and some possible solutions that will make it easier for you to navigate.

You Don’t Make Your Mental Health a Top Priority

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your relationship with your kids and partner is to neglect your mental health. This should be your top priority. Although it can be tempting to continue putting off a day of rest in order to do just one more thing, it can eventually lead to many mental and emotional problems in the long term.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Personally, I love my daily hour-long breaks! Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I dance and other days I simply do nothing but rest. Going outside for a short walk sometimes can also be very beneficial for your family relationships. I highly recommend that you add breaks into your daily routine so you will have more time to recharge your batteries and focus on yourself. Do your best to take off your problem-solving hat and stop seeing yourself only as a wife, mom, sister and employee. You can also schedule an appointment with a mental health profession or life coach if you need a safe space to talk.

You’re Too Hard on Yourself

Let’s face it. We’re living in unprecedented times. If you’re still trying to hold yourself to the same standards as before the pandemic – please stop! As parents, we have to adjust our expectations. I know it’s not easy but try to give yourself a little grace to make mistakes. You may not be as productive as you normally were when you worked in a traditional office.

Kids, especially if you have young kids like mine, demand a lot of attention and constant supervision. One day you may need to spend more time tending to them, while you may find yourself making work your main focus the next. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to work late or on the weekends sometimes to complete a project. We need to accept that we are imperfect human beings. There are going to be some days where you aren’t a super mom or parent, and you have to be okay with that!

You Don’t Speak Up

The main way parents can harm their relationship with their family is by not communicating their needs. Your circumstances can improve so much quicker if you speak up and communicate what you’re going through and ask other people for help.

Think about the parts of your life that cause frustration or make you feel worn out. Reach out to your support system and tell them about your struggles. You’d be surprised how many other people are in the same boat and could help you out. For example, you could ask a family member to babysit or talk with your employer and see if you could get a more flexible schedule that works better for your family. Even if it is not a long-term solution, it could help reduce a significant amount of stress. You could also ask your work colleagues if they would be willing to help out with some of your projects.

I know it’s not easy to constantly spend so much time with family, even when you adore them. As a life coach, I believe that making your mental health a top priority, reaching out to your network for help and giving yourself some extra grace are some of the best ways you can prevent harming your relationship with your children. One of the main reasons why I founded My Life Couch was because I am passionate about creating a safe space for working moms who want to rediscover what brings them joy and learn how to put themselves first.

gladys simen
Life enthusiast Gladys Simen has lived in 5 different countries, mastered 2 languages and changed several professions. It took becoming a fabulous mama for her to tap into her personal superpowers. Now she is passionate about being an advocate for working mothers and helping women live big, beautiful, ambitious lives. You can connect with Gladys on her website, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Download her free Success Journal to start the new year more successfully!

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