do whatever it takes

Know how you want to feel & do whatever
it takes to feel that way.

Danielle LaPorte
via The Fire Starter Sessions

Good Morning Lovelies, as you read yesterday, I am continuing Kind Over Matter’s journey unescorted. Jenn will be missed immensely, that’s for certain. Not only was she my blog partner but she is one of my soul sisters. We created this space together without strategy, with one main goal in mind, to make you Feel Good. Since, it has blossomed into this breathtaking lovefest & I can’t even begin to thank you for being here. The universe was whispering to her though, she bravely followed that deep-seated need & answered it. Partnerships tend to always have growing pains, I’ve seen it firsthand throughout my life, I am just so glad that we love & respect each other enough to honor what is true. I am so excited about her new project & wish her so much love & luck while she plants her creative seeds on a different path. I just know they are going flower beautifully!

Now, while I am unescorted, that doesn’t mean that I am alone because… I have you! I appreciate each & every one of you greatly, this is why I am opening Kind Over Matter’s doors a little wider to invite you in & make yourself a little more at home. Kind Over Matter has always been a place to share Feel Good Stories, now, I want to share yours. I am accepting Guest Post Submissions, take a look & see what I have in mind. I am really excited about receiving, reading & sharing your good words.

Embarking on the second half of my journey here, I have a few more ideas up my sleeve that are full of vim & waiting to be fired into the universe! I can’t wait to share them with you! Also, notice that KOM’s design got a little polish, while I’m not going to change everything up completely, KOM is going to get a little makeover soon (or should I say Katie Daisy’d! Eeeee!) I am buzzed to breathe a little fresh air up in here! I am a super fan of Katie’s so I am totally blissed out about her dolling up KOM’s digs!

I hope you all have a gorgeous day & thank you so much for taking care of me with your words of encouragement, thanks to all of you…

I got this. I really do.

Big Love & Peace to all of you,

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