DIY Fall Crafts

Yesterday was gorgeous, autumn wind, the leaves flying off the trees at breakneck speed, little leaf tornadoes floating through our yard, from our hands as we picked up two handfuls & let go, squeals of absolute delight echoing through the spaces between houses, runny noses, shoes on the wrong feet running through it all. Perfection.

It’s my absolute favorite time of year.

Do you have any autumny plans lined up for the weekend? We are headed to buy pumpkins at a local farm which has a corn maze, eeeee!

Love you BIG,

DIY Craft links :|: Pinecone Swag Tutorial :|: Fall Leaf Bouquet Tutorial :|: Leaf Punch Fun :|: Lace-covered Pumpkin :|: Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Tutorial :|: Felt Leaves Necklace Tutorial :|: Fall Leaf Balls Tutorial :|: Stenciled Pumpkins Tutorial :|: Flaming Foliage Candleholders Tutorial :|: Washi Tape Pumpkins Tutorial :|: Waxing Leaves Tutorial :|: Autumn Leaf Headband Tutorial :|: Celestial Pumpkins Tutorial :|: Autumn Card Tutorial :|: Glittered Pumpkins Tutorial :|: Leaf Mask Tutorial :|:

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