Disconnected Apology

The letter never made it
Carvings from the pencil
Deep rites of desperation
Written by a steady hand
With firm grip
But no control over emotions
It was an apology
After years of disconnection from
Being a human
Years of trying to create an animal
Out of his wife,
An obedient one
The apology was written
But never made it there
Years of living in the pressence of a beast
Had made her wear her skin on the inside,
it was better not to have a face to share her fear with
Disconnection from herself
To stay “safe”
But she never made it
One step was enough
Angel wings already
Water surface was calm
As she dissapeared further down
Into the darkness Above her head
A piece of paper floated
With carvings from a pencil
Steady hands
The apology floated
Inscribed into the water surface
Above her head
But they never made it there
Espen Stenersrød is a Norwegian writer and poet from Oslo.
With two poetry collections behind him (Diary of poet,2012 and Lifecycle in Nihighnigma, 2013) he is now working on a novel and a new poetry collection.
His poetry has been described as unique, attention grabbing and memorable.
Espen enjoys writing deep, insightful poetry that examines the human condition from both a modern and universal perspective, balancing between hope and beauty and darkness and mystery.

Check out his website and buy his poetry collections on Amazon 

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