Allowing a different perspective is a smart choice.

Differences between all of us are going to be there, and not just politically! Let’s include the whole banana…we have a lot of different opinions when it comes to managing reality, money, diet, marriage, parenting and even recycling!

Differences are life.

Consider any subject you may argue over, especially now with so much happening on our planet. There are so many opinions out there to latch onto. And, there are so many people calling their conclusions the truth. Just becoming aware that people are taught differently, raised to believe differently and value things differently is very helpful. Have some compassion and understanding for what people have been spoon-fed by parents or the media. It’s hard to sort that out for everyone, give them a break.

Allow people their path of awakening and you will be contributing greatly to the collective energy on the planet. Trying to make someone change their mindset to match yours is pretty much insanity. This anger at differences is creating separation at a time when connection and care are needed more than ever.

Allowing. Allowing. Allowing. Please muster up some trust for where we are headed. Let’s let people be who they are without attacking them. Let’s let everyone have their own thoughts so they can experience them and change may happen. Feeling something completely for a minute or two allows it to begin transforming. Resisting it makes it grow. Let’s join in an intention to trust this time on the planet to be a huge clearing that will end in more awareness of what matters. Let’s stop fighting and let go of what we cannot control. Let’s start being responsible for what we can control and add some calm to the collective. Let’s cultivate patience. We can do this together and have a profound impact.

When we resist something we always make it stronger and more consuming; we feed it our precious energy. When we breathe it in and breathe it out, allow it for a minute or two, intuition kicks in. Kindness becomes the leader through this diversity and we can add something incredibly valuable to each other and the world.

You matter so very much.

Love to every heart.

Holly Riley
Dynamic speaker and best-selling author Holly Riley has been a coach and facilitator of the Allowing materials for over a decade. Following a life-altering near-death experience, Holly began empowering people to let go of self-sabotage and fear, allowing them to become who they longed to be. Her simple, powerful Catch & Release process outlined in "The Allowing Handbook" is indispensable for anyone ready to be free of the past and heal. (Yes, parents, this includes children of all ages!) Visit Holly's website to get more information and to download a free chapter of Holly’s best seller: Allowing: A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You.

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