Did you win our wild giveaway?!? 4 winners!

Page from Wild Sister Issue 6

Happy Monday! So, I really wasn’t planning on doing a winner’s post for last Thursday’s Wild Giveaway but as I mentioned a few times already, I really, really loved reading all of your comments. All of the wild that you all have immersed yourselves in throughout the course of your lives & how you are planning to BE WILD this year is so-super-INSPIRING!

If you want to read the comments you can hop on over via this link.

I feel like the winner here, truly, thank you so much for sharing all of your stories with me & the Kind Over Matter community.


Winner of the Wild Sister Wild Pack! The first six issues!

I picked an additional 3 winners too, who will be receiving the introductory issue!

Winners of Wild Sister Issue 1!

Awesome, right?!

I will be contacting you all via email shortly with download links, congrats & thank you so, so much!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Wild Sister Magazine yet, give yourself a gift, pick up the first issue or the newest issue or get the Wild Pack (best. deal. ever.)

Let’s dance in our wild beauty this year! You in?


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