Did you put on your Positive Panties today?

Hello beautiful yous!!!

It’s been a bit since I’ve shown up here. I’ve been working behind the scenes here at KOM every day of course, communicating to folks through email about their posts, scheduling + formatting posts, facebookin’ it up, making sure things run smoothly around here…

I filled KOM’s docket up with guest posts this Summer to run into the Fall not only so I could share the awesome that KOM’s readers are… to share more stories & lessons from people that have walked different paths in this life but also so I could dive deep into a project that has been TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING!

Exciting, yes?!

The time to share this project is today!

Kind Over Matter Community meet Positive Panties:

Click here to learn more!

Yes, I said PANTIES!

We’ve all been there – rolling out of bed, feeling disgruntled and cranky. Inhaling coffee, stumbling into the shower…

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, you aren’t feeling well, the J.O.B. or class is the last place you want to be, the kids are fighting, your to-do list is a mile and a half long, the list goes on and on…

You’re blowing through your moments not really being present at all.

Now imagine in your frenzied rush rifling through your underwear – seeing the date night panties, the everyday panties, the period panties, the oh-damn-it’s-way-past-laundry-day panties – and then your eye catches your Positive Panties.

You smirk, you smile, you pause. In that moment you are reminded that you have the power to choose. You have the power to create your day.

Think of Positive Panties as your secret superhero cape of invincibility – your secret skivvies.

For the next 30 days, you can back this project on Kickstarter! You can choose to pledge anywhere from $5 all the way up to $100 – every pledge gets us closer to making this dream real & getting these panties on your sweet ass.

This is just the beginning & YOU get to help with that!

Not only do we want them to cover your sweet asses, we dream of having Positive Panties on shelves in Brick & Mortar shops around the world. If you catch us dreaming REALLY BIG… we dream of seeing them in department stores, yes, like Target!

You will be one of the first people in the world to have them!


Jenn, my soul sistah, from Roots of She, we’ve have been working on Positive Panties for nearly two years! It’s been a shit-ton of LAUGHTER! There have been stops, starts & boatloads of planning from then to now &…

We are so ready to rock this bad girl!

I am so beyond happy that you will be sharing in this with us!

If you click on over to the Positive Panties website, you can dance around the site, there are a handful of ways to connect with us via social media, find them all here!

We will be rolling out a bunch of AWESOME & HILARIOUS videos throughout the month, gag reels from our Kickstarter filming, video promos from people in our community + more!

There are FREEBIES out the yin & yang! Desktop wallpapers, printable greeting cards & one BADASS eBook, check it out:

Fun, yes? We’ve had ball putting it all together!

I would so LOVE-LOVE-LOVE if you helped me spread the word about it!

I love you all, thank you for sharing this life with me, xox, let’s do this!

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