Desire Map Workshop!!!

Let’s talk about your life. Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected?

Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel? 

When I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, my life was not feeling the way I wanted it to. 

I was outwardly successful – married, great job, nice house, fancy car and even a few designer bags.  Seems great, right?  I thought it was. Sometimes… Really, though, much of the time, I was acquiring the stuff, or going to the job, I still didn’t feel how I wanted to feel, and I didn’t get it.  It didn’t make sense.  I’d followed the college, job, marriage, house plan, but still seemed to be missing something.  A feeling.  

The Desire Map was the catalyst for the change I needed. 

This book isn’t just intellectual theory. It actually walks you through the process of practically (+ soulfully) creating a life that you actually want to live, connected to people, experiences and things that you actually want to be connected to. 

It seems so obvious, right?
Of course! My life should feel good!
But the thing is, so many of us aren’t living that way. 

We’re fixated on what others think we should do. We’re pushing ourselves to meet someone else’s expectations of “The Great Mom”, “The Successful Businessperson”, “The Patient Partner” or “The Forgiving Friend”. 

In all that striving to meet other people’s expectations, a lot of us have lost ourselves.  For a while, I did.

The Desire Map snapped me out of it and got me back on my own life track, moving towards a future that feels right for me.
Because of the profound impact desire mapping has had on my life, I want to bring this work to my community as a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator! 

THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP—LEVEL 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.


You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings”—a guidance system for your decision making. A GPS for your soul.
We’ll look at our perceptions around “feelings” and goal setting. We’ll examine how we drive and strive, and see where in our lives we experience freedom—and where we want more of it.

You’ll be guided through 5 life areas to explore your most desired feelings in:
?? Lifestyle & Livelihood
?? Creativity & Learning
?? Body & Wellness
?? Relationships & Society
?? Essence & Spirituality
We will create sacred space, inner and outer—an altar, backed by a great music playlist and tied together with shared intentions.
We’re going to burn limiting beliefs (figuratively, and maybe literally).
We will offer up our own wisdom, relate, and learn from each other—like women (and some very cool dudes) always do.
You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to some every day PLANS. Poetic to the practical.
It’s never too late to start living a life that feels good; a life that you consciously choose and design, based on your own core desired feelings. 

Join me and uncover those feelings so you can start building a life that helps you generate them.