Dear Overwhelmed One

Dear Overwhelmed One,

I see you. I see all of the things that are coming at you; all of the things you’re carrying. I see you thinking that you can’t handle one more thing and then handling the 3 more things that the Universe puts on your plate.

I see you craving rest, yet not being sure when rest will come. I see you trying to make time for yourself and wishing for just 1 night of uninterrupted sleep. I see you grabbing food in a rush instead of making meals. I see you trying to make plans with friends, but being so frustrated with your overfull schedule.

I also see that this is a season. I see so many of us having similar experiences right now. I see the looks of exhaustion and the lack of animation in our voices…and I know that every season ends.

This time of feeling overwhelmed isn’t permanent. The time for rest will return. Joy will show itself again and lightness will come back into your spirit.

I promise.

Every challenge has another side. Every tunnel has a light. And, you get to be wherever you are right now…while you trust that another season will emerge.

As 2 very wise women recently told me, the only ask is to live by the light…and when you can’t find the light, you live with the trust that it will return.

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