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This week, I chose a Dear KOM email that really captures the spirit of KOM. Our awesome contributor has agreed to have his name posted, and I hope you all appreciate his Random Act of Kindness as much as I do.

Dear KOM,

I was in a shopping mall recently, so I decided to go and get a tea from Second Cup. As I was making my way toward the Second Cup I noticed an older gentleman rather poorly dressed sitting on a bench nearby. I knew from first sight that he was in need of some kind of help. He had a little lunch stretched out in front of him and was wholeheartedly enjoying it. It was also rather evident that he had a problem with his right eye and probably couldn’t see out of it. I then joined the line in the Second Cup and waited to be served. Then it happened. One of the most beautiful gestures I have ever seen in my life. There was a young man in front of me in the line who was also waiting to be served. Next thing I know the young man hands the server a twenty dollar bill and requests an orange juice, as well as a favour. The server looks at the young man a little perplexed, not fully comprehending the request. That’s when the young man asks her to give the juice to the older gentleman eating his lunch outside on the bench, as well as the change from the $20 (except for $5 which is her tip). The young man also tells her that he will be watching every second so that she will be completely safe at all times. Subsequently, there is a wonderful exchange between the server and the older man in need of some attention. I only wish I had a photo of the smiles on the both of their faces.

As I was pondering this event later on, I wondered to myself why the young man didn’t just perform this act of kindness himself. I suspect that deep down in his heart he was hoping that this act of kindness might inspire others to do something for this older man as well. Believe you me, he wasn’t wrong on this score. All I can say is that others in the near vicinity came to his aid also. Absolutely beautiful!!!

There are many ways of thinking when we encounter someone such as this older gentleman, in need of kindness and attention. Perhaps he’s just simply lazy and didn’t work hard enough in his life. Or he should have gone to school and made more of himself. But just maybe he needs a little helping hand and thank God for this young man who inspired the others to goodness as well. Oh, by the way, the last words this young man told the server was, “There go I, but by the Grace of God”. God Bless All of You.

Brian D. Bailey


Dear Brian,

Perhaps my inner cynic was evident when I first responded to you and asked if this was a personal account! I’m very cautious to not spread “internet lure”, and this story *almost* seemed too good to be true. When you confirmed that you saw & participated in this Random Act of Kindness, I was SO EXCITED to publish and respond to you!

I can honestly say that if I was in your shoes, I’m not sure I would have done the same thing. It’s so ingrained in me to just look away, avoid discomfort, etc. #365DaysOfKind has started to change that part of me (more on that journey later!), but I’m definitely a work in progress. Hearing of the things other KOM-ers do is inspiring and motivating to me, so thank you for sharing and know that I think you ROCK!!!

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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