Dear KOM, I’ll bite

Picture by Lara Heacock

This week, I chose a Dear KOM email that’s a little fun & a little silly, from a writer wanted just initials shared. Enjoy!


Dear KOM,

You got me with the bunnigator. What is it and what’s the story? Thanks for doing what you do.



Dear K.B.,

I’m SO glad you asked! Let me set the scene…

5 friends decide a few years ago, that they’re going to honor milestone birthdays together. The first to turn 40 got a big party a few years ago, and it was recently time for the 2nd in the group to hit the big 4-0. This special friend (V) visited New Orleans years ago, and has wanted to go back ever since. She tried to go for her honeymoon, but tragically Katrina hit. The rest of us decided that her 40th was the perfect time to return!

We flew out on a Sunday and home on a Wednesday, and the days in between were a blur of laughter, fun, wandering and eating. Oh, the eating! In the midst of some of that wandering, we passed a store that had a small Easter display in the window. A few of us saw the white alligator stuffed animal, and at quick glance, assumed he had bunny ears! When we entered the store to find him, the disappointment was palpable. He was just a white alligator – no bunny ears.

I decided to buy the alligator and make him into the bunnigator you see above. Luckily my friend who was most disappointed (M) by the alligator’s lack of ears, promptly forgot about him!

Fast forward to Friday, and I’m at home having kind of a blah day, after vacation. You know the kind – all the excitement and forward looking is over, and it’s just all reality as far as the eye can see. I was going to see M that night and remembered the stuffed white alligator that came home with me from New Orleans! I grabbed an old pair of socks, some cotton balls and my sewing kit, and got to work. I’m not much of a planner, so I just started cutting socks, stuffing them with cotton and sewing them up. Admittedly, attaching the ears to the alligator was a bit of a challenge, but when he was finished, I just loved him!

I promptly texted a picture to V, who shared my love, and presented the bunnigator to M that evening. She was as delighted as I’d hoped, and we were both tickled when her kitten totally appropriated the bunnigator for herself!

That, K.B., is the story of the bunnigator. He makes me smile. He’s been known to make kittens insanely happy, and I love that I used the creative side of my brain to create him!

Turns out a little right-brained activity on a blah day, really does wonders for the soul.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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