Dear KOM, I feel like I’m drowning

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This week’s Dear KOM email was from a beautiful soul who just discovered our community. I’m honored to have her and hope that we bring her a little goodness and light.


dear kom,

every day I get up and do yoga, I start the day happy and try not to let things bring me down but it isn’t that easy, by the end of the day I am so dark I am starting to feel like i’m drowning



Dear Celeste,

If only happy thoughts and affirmations could make everything OK. If that were the case, Life Coaches like me would be out of business!

In reality, it takes a lot to overcome darkness. I’ve said before that I’m not a licensed therapist or in any way authorized to diagnose any condition, but just wanted to reiterate. What I can do, is encourage you to ensure that there’s not a chemical issue at play, and offer some thoughts on behalf of a caring community.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on stress and the mind/body connection recently, so your email definitely spoke to me. One of the things I read was that our brain consumes at least 25% of our blood glucose, and that increases if we’re under stress. I know I don’t know what happens between your morning Yoga and bedtime every night, but I’d venture to guess there’s some stress in there. Looking at it from a purely biological perspective, I’d encourage you to look at your water & food consumption. Maybe try some smaller meals with snacks in between. Maybe increase water intake. I like to make sure we’re taking care of our physical selves so that we can best support our emotional selves.

Speaking of our emotional selves, I absolutely love that you’re starting your day with Yoga. Go you! I’m curious what other self-care acts you practice throughout the rest of the day, and would encourage you to increase those wherever possible. I’d also invite you to utilize your support system. I know I’m guilty of shutting down if I’m feeling badly, but when I do reach out to a friend or loved one, it ALWAYS helps. As silly as it may sound, what about making some private time to yell into a pillow, or talk to the Universe/God/Nature/whatever-you-connect-to-that’s-beyond-this-world. Sometimes just the act of speaking words out loud can be calming and release some of the darkness. I highly recommend starting this talk with some gratitude. Leave space for the darkness, too, but try beginning the conversation by coming up with at least 1 thing for which you are grateful. Maybe even write that 1 thing down, every day, for a week. Without a whole lot of effort, you’d have a nice gratitude list in just a short time.

The KOM community is amazing and beautifully interactive, and I’d welcome any comments that you feel could help our sweet writer. You can comment here, on our Facebook page or Tweet @KindOverMatter. I’ll make sure everything gets to her.

Be well. Know that you are not alone and please update us, at any time, with how you’re doing.

As always, thanks for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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