Dear KOM, I don’t believe I matter…

This week, I chose a Dear KOM email that I received in response to my Monday Motivator post. Our beautiful contributor has agreed to have her name posted, as well.

Dear KOM,

I don’t believe I matter…I never have. I was given this message a very long time ago, my needs and my wants did not matter and they were not important enough to be filled; moreover, they were inherently selfish, my needs and wants.

I went on from my childhood into a marriage with a man that continued to deliver this message. My behaviors and other relationships also carried this message. Heather doesn’t matter. Heather isn’t good enough to be in a loving healthy relationship or to be hired by an employer.

I learned to be dramatic and sad because people became sympathetic and would fill my needs and then I felt like I mattered. I was to scared to say “Hey! My feelings matter”, because that would be selfish. I had to garner sympathy so I wouldn’t feel guilty.

I find myself suffering the bondage of self and i struggle to remember that I DO matter, independent of everything and of everyone else. I matter just because I’m here. Today I try and engage in behaviors to reinforce this new message. To learn that even when totally alone Heather matters. I believe when I truly come to accept that then I will naturally feel like I matter to others.

Thank you for telling me I matter today…I needed to hear it 🙂
~Heather Dann


Dear Heather,

You know what, Heather, I needed to hear this, too. I wasn’t feeling awesome today and this email totally turned my day around, so thank you. You matter to me and I’d love to respond to this on Saturday’s Dear KOM, if that’s OK with you. I can post it with your name or anonymously, so if you’re ok with me using your email, let me know which feels better to you.

love, love. ~Lara


The brief email above was my instant response to Heather’s email. I *was* having a crappy day. I *was* feeling sorry for myself. Heather *did* turn my day around, and every time I re-read her message, it still makes my heart smile.

I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t, at some time in their life, identified with Heather’s feelings and words. Hell, I wrote a blog post about how we all matter, and the day she emailed me, *I* identified with her! It just goes to show – you never know how your story and your words are going to land, so choose them wisely.

I feel enormously blessed that my post (which, by the way, I was totally thinking wasn’t good enough), was what someone needed to hear that day. I belive the Universe can give us what we need, if we let it, and Heather’s email was just what I needed on Monday.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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