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Mother Letters
Sharing the Mess & Glory

Hi Mama,

I hope these words find you in a moment of Peace.

I came across this gorgeous book last week & read through it in one sitting, it’s just beautiful. Mamas from all walks of life sharing little slices of mama-life through letters to other mamas to make us all feel less alone. Mamas of one to many, step-mothers, godmothers…

I received so many letters from Mamas since offering Zen & the Art of Being a Work-at-Home Mama, letters spilling over with Gratitude & Love, thanking me for gathering the wisdom we shared in the book. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for more books like it, for myself & to share.

Mother Letters is filled with art created with lines taken from the book like the (free) print above, along with letters & photos where mamas share the real & the raw, the good & the bad, it’s encouraging & completely relatable, really & truly lovely.

Us Mamas, we wear so many hats some days, that sometimes we need to strip down bare & let the sun touch our skin. We need to lay truth out in front of us to see it because when we are in the thick of it all, things can get cloudy. This collection of stories shines a loving light on all of it.

If you’re a Mama, you will see yourself in these pages.

If you are a mama-to-be or thinking about having children one day, this book is an incredible gift, like sitting around a table passing wisdom & truth & tea.

Love you big, you are way beyond enough & you are doing awesome, xox,

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