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Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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I gave a talk this week for a local networking group in which I am involved. It was on artificial sweeteners, and I was amazed at the response I got. I was scheduled to talk for 20 minutes, but I talked and answered questions for over 45 minutes, and it got me to thinking…

We are such a society of excess. Then, we are made to feel guilty about such excess, but instead of encouraging ourselves to get back to more natural and healthy ways, we are told we CAN have it all. We can eat awful foods, and a lot of them, by making sure they have fake ingredients. To top it off, when we have adverse effects to this fake food, such as indigestion and migraines (to name a few), we can fix that with some drugs. Full disclosure: I have done this, it’s not pretty, ’nuff said.

How about an alternative?
~ How about instead of filling our bodies routinely with fake food and then feeling guilty and sick…how about filling ourselves first with good healthy food? The unhealthy food will slowly migrate out of our bodies.

Want to take it a few steps further?
~ How about instead of surrounding ourselves with people that make us guilty and sick…how about filling our lives with people that nourish our soul? The unhealthy people will slowly migrate out of our lives.
~ How about instead of filling our minds with negativity, with “news” and “entertainment” that make us depressed and wonder about the state of human beings…how about we fill our minds with positivity, joy and kindness? The depression and negativity will slowly migrate out of your mind.

As so many things in life, it is as simple and as complicated as bringing better food, people and thoughts into our lives. Think what could be if we all took this stance.

To healthy and happy,

Lynn DeVasto

Voted 2014’s Best Personal Trainer in South Jersey!!

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of SuperGirl Workout. After losing 90 pounds, she made the decision to help woman be their own super-hero and find their own version of “fit and fearless”, while being true and kind to themselves in the process.
~ Important but boring stuff: She holds certifications in personal training, holistic wellness coaching, sports nutrition and barre.
~ Perhaps unimportant, but fun stuff: Wakes up every morning at 4:30 (ugh), lives with her kitty love (Brady), has yet to meet a potato she doesn’t like (especially if mashed).

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