Creativity, Part 3

Post by Heather Shafer for the Kind Kindred series.

Hello Inspiring Souls!

Creativity is really about exploration. I do not really feel that there is a wrong or right way to be creative. We each have something unique to bring and there are SO many ways to create.

In week 1 we explored what we currently thought of when we think of someone creative. For some that may be a “Crafty Person” or a fine artist.

If you have a willingness to explore different modes and mediums of creativity then I believe you will find the way(s) and medium(s) that resonate with you the most. Maybe you have something you already do or have loved doing in the past. Are you willing to make time for it? Are you willing to explore it again, from where you are now?

If nothing comes to mind, I have some ideas to get you started. Do yourself a favor in this process, be open. Check in with yourself and see if it’s possible you’re over-thinking, reacting out of fear or giving yourself all the but “I don’t have enough…” excuses.

This is about self-expression, not perfection. Truly, if you explore some creative mediums and ways and they just don’t “Jive” with you then move on to something else. Just check in and make sure what’s happening is that and not shoulds and self-judgment (AKA beating yourself up) coming in to try and derail you.

Be gentle yet fierce with yourself in this process.

Here are some ways to get yourself started in creating:
(Also YouTube and/or Pinterest are great places to get info on several of these ideas.)

1) Doodle, just start, allow yourself to explore and play!
2) Get kids supplies as those often feel less precious and pressure filled (paints, markers, pencils) and some paper, journal, sketchbook or index cards. Just play, seriously spread color on your pages – it doesn’t have to be or look like anything other than fun to you!
3) Create a meal, something different than you normally do. A new spice, ingredient, way of doing an old fave!
4) Take some pictures, play around, get down low, stand up higher, get the details of everyday life.
5) Get bits of magazines, images, etc. that inspire you and glue them down in a journal, page, index card, etc.
6) Create some go to outfits that make you feel fully like you!
7) Explore how to make a basic jewelry piece.
8) Learn knitting or crochet (try YouTube or Pinterest for ideas and instructions or a local class).
9) Create a mandala.
10) Try this DIY wood and washi bracelet I created a while back.
11) Decoupage something.
12) Start a blog, create a blog post.
13) Write.
14) Create a fun pic with text using an app.

No matter what you choose just begin, don’t wait until you have the perfect time, supplies or ideas. Just start to explore. Your soul will thank you! Don’t talk yourself out of it – just start. Use what you have around or can easily get.

Listen, Explore and Trust the Process!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Hi! I am Heather Shafer and I am a certified Dream Coach, and Holistic Life Coach, and Inspirationalist! I believe that connecting to our deepest and most creative Selves is critical to living our best, most powerful, lives. My purpose in life is to learn to express myself fully and authentically, and to teach and inspire others to do the same. My website features inspiring stories, tips and ideas to help you live an Inspired, Creative and Empowered life.

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