Creativity, Part 2

Post by Heather Shafer for the Kind Kindred series.

Hello Amazing Souls!

Last week we talked about the importance and definitions of creativity. This week we are going to dive into some prompts and ideas to start creating space for our creativity in various ways.

I have noticed that there are several most common things that seem to stop us from consciously engaging in our creativity.

  1. We feel like creating is not productive so it gets put last on the list (you know the part that we never do really get to!)… 
  2. We think we are not creative. (As we talked about last week – everyone is creative. What really seems to block us is how we define creativity.) 
  3. We don’t have enough: room, time, talent, money etc. 

Consciously engaging in creating is part of self-care or what I like to refer to sometimes as Soul Care. This does the opposite of taking away from your other stuff (to do’s, responsibilities, relationship’s etc.). It feeds you, it fuels you and that gives you more to give to others and other things! 

A few ideas on creating space for your creativity:

  • Mentally create space and write yourself a permission slip (type it out, write it out, make it pretty, don’t make it pretty, doesn’t matter!). Give yourself permission to create and to create badly, to dream, make a mess, get your hands dirty, spill words on the page, explore, play etc. Give yourself permission to make the time and space to give yourself this gift. 
  • Think of it as an experiment. If you choose a creative activity and you’re just not connecting with it, give yourself permission to try something else. But I deeply encourage you to not quit moving on in your experiment, letting it all go and stopping your creating. Please do not do this to yourself! 
  • Carve out time in your schedule; make an appointment with yourself for it. Depending on what mode of creativity you choose oftentimes we can create in 5-15+ minute bits of time. 
  • Set yourself up for success. This of course will also depend on what type of creating you are doing, but set your space up to help support whatever your creative experiment is. Gather the items in a basket, bowl, folder, bag, desktop etc. Make it easy to dive in without feeling like it’s a big ordeal every time. 

Some creative prompts:

  • Grab a surface – journal, index card, loose piece of paper. Grab a magazine, get an image or words that inspire you, don’t worry about why – just glue it down. Add until you fill the page if you want, write some thoughts, words or a quote over it. 
  • Grab your camera or phone with camera and snap a few pics of things that inspire you – get up close, down low, up higher if you want to play around with the angle. Get some printed out from your local Target, CVS, Walgreens or one of the many online providers. Frame them up, stick ‘em on the wall with fun patterned tape, glue them in your journal. 
  • Get the kids supplies. We are usually way less precious about things like this than if we went and got the “good” paint and markers etc. to experiment with. 

These are just a few of the ways to get yourself started creating. Don’t like anything on this list? Don’t let that stop you. Check out: 35 ways to be creative, even if you don’t think your creative post for more ideas – or even better, go with your gut and follow your inspiration!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Hi! I am Heather Shafer and I am a certified Dream Coach, and Holistic Life Coach, and Inspirationalist! I believe that connecting to our deepest and most creative Selves is critical to living our best, most powerful, lives. My purpose in life is to learn to express myself fully and authentically, and to teach and inspire others to do the same. My website features inspiring stories, tips and ideas to help you live an Inspired, Creative and Empowered life.

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