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photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I do a lot of work around emotions. More accurately, I do a lot of work with people who are learning about their emotions…learning that they’re a good thing, and that they enrich our human experience…aaaaaaaaaand that they can be inconvenient or even scary at first.

After all, who wants to feel badly? Who wants to take the time to go through the emotional ‘stuff’ when we can very easily distract ourselves and act as if everything is OK? The thing is, it’s not OK. Even when we do choose the distraction, the emotion still exists, and we deny ourselves the chance to learn and move on.

Making the courageous choice to own our feelings and emotions, enables us to learn about ourselves. Do I prefer solitude or support? Does it feel better to scream or cry? Is writing a better release or do I need to smash some cheap dishes or go for a run?

Choosing to process the shitty parts of life as they happen, instead of choosing distraction, enables us to move on. Stuffing feelings, whether it’s with food or staying constantly busy, takes a LOT of energy. It keeps us stuck. Making the choice to work with our feelings, instead of against them, opens the door to future happiness. It literally frees up energy that we can use to create happiness.

Perhaps the best gift we receive when we fully experience our emotions, is the increase in joy. Try though we may, we cannot selectively numb our emotions, and the consequence of not allowing sadness is a limited experience of joy…and I certainly want more joy.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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