Courage does not always roar

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Courage is a big word. Heck, I’m training under Kate Courageous, and I bet she would agree that the smallest acts, can be the most courageous.

I will try again tomorrow is an incredibly powerful phrase, mindset and choice. Discouraging days like to make us think that we will never improve, never do better, never succeed, but it’s at those times that the most courageous act is just trying again. Setting the intention to not give up. Recognizing that every day is a new chance.

Having recently (I’m talking 2 days ago!) returned to a Yoga class that I haven’t attended in almost 7 years, I’m feeling pretty courageous. Did I roar? No way! I struggled and I took a lot of big breaths and I did what I could, but I did it. I am REALLY good at talking myself out of anything that resembles exercise, but something in my soul has been yearning for a Yoga practice, so I summoned up some courage and went.

You know what?

The instructor was thrilled to see me. We hugged, briefly caught up and I assured her I’d be back soon. I’ll try again tomorrow.  This was far from a roar, but right now, it feels pretty courageous.

…and it was exactly what I needed. 

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Thank you for being on this journey with me. 
 ?, Lara

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