Conversation Starters Interview with Stephanie Jagger

When I noticed that my friend Steph Jagger attended the BookMama event with Danielle LaPorte, Justine Musk and Linda Sivertson, and I couldn’t wait to chat about it! We did this interview a little differently, and used the Conversation Starters App to guide our questions.

Give it a listen, but first allow me to set the stage:

  • Steph was greeted by a Truth Bomb card on her seat and a lovely ametrine crystal.
  • Her biggest takeaway was that every person in the room was stellar (her words!).
  • Can’t make an event? Steph recommends checking out the writer’s group for access to the amazing info.

I set my Conversation Starters App on random, and Steph and I talked for a super fun half hour that I’m so happy to share, totally unedited, so get ready for some good ole girlfriend goofiness!

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