Connecting Through Gardening

We often focus so much on achieving bigger things in life that we can forget the fundamental pillars that are supporting us. There are many ways that gardening can impact us to connect with Mother Nature and each other.

Raising a responsible generation

Gardening is a great outdoor activity that you can engage in with your kids. Gardening teaches children to take care of something and as the plants grow your child gains a sense of accomplishment. It’s also a simple way to teach them to be passionate about caring for the environment.

Help in healing

Flowers help to lift our spirits even in challenging times. Community-based gardens are an excellent way to bring hope to a neighborhood. It brings people together to share different ideas on how to make the garden better, and as flowers and produce are shared from the garden, memories are created that can bring unity and peace.

Start an initiative

Gardening can be started as an initiative in any community and it doesn’t take much planning to start a neighborhood garden. The produce grown in a neighborhood garden can be used to create a feeding program for homeless in your area. When the community comes together for a common purpose it creates a sense of belonging. People feel a responsibility to maintain the well-being of their community and feel joy and satisfaction in changing other people’s lives.

My name is Julia and I am a gardener at heart. Spending time in the dirt surrounded by my plants and nature is the best way to spend my time. On my blog my goal isn’t just to give you facts. I want to share my experiences, tips and tricks that I have learned from my time gardening.

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