Compliments – Take One and Then Pass It On

When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment? Probably never. Well, maybe a few times – sarcastically!

Mostly, we spend our time “wishing” that someone, anyone, would notice and then give us a compliment. You know those little words of encouragement that we crave. Waiting and wishing and hoping that someone will notice you and give you a compliment, causes your self-esteem and self-worth to plummet.

Essentially, you’re relying on others to define your worth and make you feel special and that’s a losing battle. Our self-worth and self-esteem and self-confidence all begin with the word “self” as in you. You taking action to compliment yourself, celebrate your successes, smile and wink when you see yourself in the mirror and know that you are a woman of extraordinary value.

Let’s change things up and begin to rely on “self” to build our esteem, worth and confidence. Let’s start with daily compliments.

Yup, you are going to give yourself compliments each and every day! Even the most mundane task is worthy of a compliment. When you finish a task, including washing the kitchen floor, take a second to tell yourself “Great Job!” After you get dressed, look in the mirror and say “I’m rocking this outfit!”

Daily compliments have a trickle effect on your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem; and before you know it all those trickles add up and you have built yourself a fantastic river of confidence. Once you have a beautiful, flowing river of self-worth, it becomes next to impossible for anyone to divert your course.

Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence can be easily built when you add compliments to your daily life. Stop looking to others to build you up because it won’t happen. Start your own “I Will Give Myself a Daily Compliment” practice.

Oh, and please take your compliment and then pass a compliment on to someone else.

Susan Ball is the founder of Empowered Her, an abuse recovery expert and a bestselling author. "Empowered Her" blossomed from Susan's own abusive relationships and is built on the belief that all women are entitled to live free, fulfilled and fearless.
Susan is on a mission empowering women to Rise Up, Show Up, Free Their Voices and Move Out of Victim-Hood.
You can connect with Susan on her website or join her Healing Narcissistic Trauma Facebook Group.

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