Come back to center

When hard things are prolonged (like say, 7 months of a pandemic)…it’s easy to normalize the feeling of being dragged down into the slog.

I know that I’ve had phases of feeling like the slog was normal. Everyone I know has…until one day you notice (or someone points out) that you’re a little less patient than you used to be, or you’re so much more tired all the time, or you feel like a whirling dervish of energy and can’t calm down yet you have no motivation to get anything done.

This is not normal. This is not even “the new normal.” (Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing that phrase!) Right now there are so many circumstances that we have no control over. Honestly that’s always the case; but if there’s one thing the last 7 months have made perfectly clear, it’s that we have so much less control over everything happening outside of us. Which is why it’s even more important to come back to your center.

If you’re noticing the slog and feeling dragged down…

Come back to center.

Maybe your center is reconnecting to your values and using them as a guide.
Maybe your center is getting back into the habit of working with a coach or therapist.
Maybe your center is finding a way to safely spend time with people.
Maybe your center is taking time alone to think, dance, write, drive, etc.
Maybe your center is more sleep or sunlight or movement.
Maybe your center is play and fun and laughter.

Coming back to center means coming back to the place where you feel connected to yourself, where you feel grounded and put back together.

Over the last 7 months my center has included several of the things on the list above. Every time I come back to my center, there’s relief. There’s the recognition that things can feel differently even though nothing outside me has changed.

As half of the world moves into days with less sunlight and colder temps, let’s practice coming back to center so that we can move into those days with a little more ease.

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