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What makes moments matter?

You know how you sometimes have moments in life where you feel super alive and filled with vitality? Maybe those moments also include a connection to someone — you’re laughing or you feel a deep connection.

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Can you think of one of those moments right now?

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to recall a moment like this?!

I recently stumbled across a video from a moment on a trip to Lisbon. It was sunset and my friend and I were headed to the train station when we passed by a restaurant with an outdoor seating area. A fun band was playing so we paused to listen. I saw a little girl blowing bubbles so I walked over to thank her for that added bit of joy. Suddenly the band started playing an upbeat cover of “No One” by Alicia Keys.

I got the urge to dance in the middle of the cobblestone road. I was having so much fun that I didn’t care that I was the only person dancing. After about thirty seconds, a man jumped in and started dancing with me. We danced together for the whole song. I never found out that man’s name, but we had a blast dancing together. He was really fun and filled with joy. I had a permanent smile on my face!

People around us were smiling and laughing. I could hear my friend singing as she captured the moment on her iPhone. The sun was in that “golden hour” place where it lit up everything all around us. When I think back now, that moment feels absolutely magical. It was a million-dollar moment!

It made me stop to think, “What makes these moments so memorable? Why do they stand out?”

More importantly, “What did I do to create that kind of awesome feeling or connection?” This is something I want to explore more.

We are only here on this planet for a finite number of days. How can we have many more magical moments?

Think back to the moment YOU thought of when I asked you at the start of this article. Maybe close your eyes and imagine some of the specific details. Let yourself feel the aliveness and connection. Re-experience the joy.

Maybe your moment was with your best friend or your mom. Maybe you were with your children when they were little. Maybe you were at the beach or in a forest.

What made the moment so special? Do you know?

My idea of a stand-out moment might look and feel different than yours. The content of our happiest and most-alive moments could be completely different; however, I suspect that the process might be similar.

Here are some elements that contribute to a moment-that-matters for me. As you’re reading through this, see if they feel applicable to YOU! Are these some of the reasons your moment stood out?

These intentional ways of being can help us create more OPENINGS in our lives!

Open: There’s something that happens when we are intentionally open to the world and to the people around us – when we are READY for engagement or connection. We can start our day or leave the house with a commitment to be available for adventure and surprise, almost as if we are expecting it.

Present: It is nearly impossible to have a memorable moment if we aren’t present. We’ve got to be off our phones and computers and grounded in the moment – as opposed to being lost in the digital world. Let’s commit to more time off-screen so we are present to our surroundings and possibility!

Energetic: Having and expressing vitality is a way that we magnetize people to us and create a feeling of “something happening.” We get energy by eating well, sleeping well and exercising as practices in our lives. We can also get energy by closing our eyes and summoning more energy! That kind of liveliness is a gift. (Imagine if my dancing man in Lisbon hadn’t had any energy – he never would have been able to make those awesome dance moves!)

Novel: When we do things slightly outside of our norm, it creates an extra special kind of oomph or pizzazz. We feel different when we are doing something different! It’s something we may not think about, but can really set the stage for more aliveness in our lives.

Impish: We can all probably think of people in our lives who generally show up with a lightheartedness or a leaning toward mischievousness. These people are usually the ones who help us create moments that feel extra goofy or giddy. Let’s try to be that kind of person.

Nonjudgmental: One of the best things we can do for ourselves to create magic is to allow magic. Life sometimes throws us strange curveballs, which at first glance we might judge as bad or inconvenient. We might not like a canceled flight or rescheduled appointment, but sometimes these unexpected and initially unwanted situations can create a breeding ground for awesomeness. This is the time we might strike up a conversation with a stranger or find ourselves in a leadership position! The other way we can be nonjudgmental in our lives is to be more accepting of all kinds of people and various ways of thinking. If we close ourselves off to people who look, dress or believe differently than us, we miss a lot of chances for surprising connections!

Genuine: Being our authentic selves in the world and expressing any of our unique attributes (or even quirks) allows for us to connect with other people better. How do we commit to being REAL and to expressing our true selves through clothing, language, music or actions?

Smiley: Last, but definitely not least, if we want to create more bright moments, it is so helpful if we take the initiative to connect with people with a cheerful smile. A simple “Hello, how’s your day going?” to a shop clerk or someone in line ahead of you can result in an unexpected conversation. A smile lets people know you are ready for some JOY!

Remembering this acronym, OPENINGS, can help you leave the house with a set of intentions that just might spark some golden moments that you treasure forever!

Do you have some added facets to this conversation? I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments.

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